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Lash Patch Testing & Consultation

  • 30 min

Service Description

Our lash patch test is recommended if you have had a previous allergic reaction or sensitivity to eyelash extensions, or if you’re pregnant and a new client of Eye Love Lashes Beauty Lounge. The appointment itself lasts around 15 minutes and is the easiest way to determine how your eyes will react with lash extensions. After filling out your consultation form, your lash stylist will pop on around 5-10 lash extensions on each eye, using our glue products. You will also have a collagen eyepad (used through all our lash treatments) applied under your eye, to check that this product works well with your skin. If you experience any adverse reaction (including itching, stinging, burning or swelling) within twenty-four hours of your patch test this is an indication that you have a sensitivity or allergy to eyelash extensions. If irritation occurs, do not proceed with treatment, and seek medical advice if irritation continues. As per industry standard we will remove the lashes using our irritant after 24 hours and approval from your medical professional.

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