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Will I have an allergic reaction to your adhesive?

We suggest any client who has never had lash extension applied before have patch testing done. A patch test will include 4-5 extensions applied to each healthy, natural lash the a week before the initial full set. This will ensure the health and safety of each client.

How often do I need to get fills?

If lash extensions are something you intend to keep up and maintain, we recommend every two weeks. Some clients can push it to 3 weeks with great retention, however, most clients prefer to maintain a full look. Any fills after 3 weeks will require a full set.

Do you offer memberships?

Yes we do! If you intend on maintaining your lashes every two weeks and want to save extra money each month, our membership option may be the way to go!

What if I just want lashes for a special occasion?

No problem! You can have a full set applied, enjoy your special occasion and have them removed!

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